REVIEW: La Voix: The UK’s Funniest Red Head – 2020 Tour

Venue: Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

Performance Date: 29 February 2020

Star Rating: ★★★★★

Reviewer: Alexia Anderson

Move over Prince Harry, there’s a new diva taking the “UK’s most treasured red-head” number one spot…

She’s back! With a sell-out first night of this brand-new tour, international star La Voix brings the house down. Dazzling the audience with her stunning costumes, beautiful personality and divine vocal talents, this is a must-see, five-star show. 

Well-known to the panto scene and no stranger to performing, La Voix has gone from strength to strength since she made it to the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2014 (and was arguably robbed of a finals spot). A regular to Aylesbury Waterside, her knowledge of the area and of her audience plays a huge part in the success of her audience relationship and rapport which, in turn, makes for one hell of a show. 

Walking out to her adoring fans in what can only be described as the dress of all dresses, with her signature Hollywood-classic red hair and lipstick, La Voix is met with a deafening welcome. Instantly owning the stage with her charisma and charm, everyone buckles up for what turns out to be one hell of a ride. 

With stories of KD Lang and a finger buffet, naked tomato-based shenanigans featuring the music of Mick Hucknall and covering yourself in Pritt Stick and rolling around Claire’s Accessories, what more could one want…

Performing a beautifully touching rendition of a classic from The Greatest Showman, to start the night off with a (glittery) bang, La Voix has you from the get-go. The performance is primarily based on an incredibly natural audience rapport and stand-up worthy back and forth, alongside a perfectly selected repertoire of vocal hits to get you on your feet dancing. 

An ode to Dame Shirley Bassey and a never-been-seen Andrew Lloyd Webber meets Judy Garland extravaganza (it shouldn’t work but my God it does) are some of the highlights. And how can we forget the happy surprise of the tap-dancing…

It would be remiss to not dedicate a paragraph solely to La Voix’s vocal talents. Taking a one-woman show on tour is most certainly vocally draining, yet the technique and sound production she manages makes for a class-act. La Voix can turn her hand to any famously identifiable singer and uncannily mimic their voice. From the top hits of Cher to the top tips on how to be Tina Turner, La Voix continually impresses.

Her voice is West End worthy and the constant whoops and cheers certainly seem to support this. Staged with a fantastic live band, made up of some incredibly talented musicians, there is a wonderful, glamorous, cabaret feel to the show. Paired with some effective lighting (that does occasionally, however, get a bit blindingly excitable), this is a performance that hits the nail on the head with every key ingredient a successful show needs. 

The mix of laugh out loud, side-splitting humour, audience appreciation, and pure musical talent makes for a fabulous performance. It’s impossible to avoid jumping to your feet to dance, enjoying yourself and having an all-round fantastic night, which La Voix is unmatchable at achieving. 

Receiving a well-deserved standing ovation and chants for more to be heard for miles, this 5-star show is most definitely unmissable.

La Voix’s UK Tour runs until 25 September 2020

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