In 2018 Dress Circle Antics was born. Over the past 18 months, we have been focusing on organically growing our readership, social media presence, and subsequent following through establishing the brand as a trusted and respected site for honest and informative reviews. The brand is very much about producing original, insightful content and not sensationalist or clickbait journalism.

We have been working hard to forge some fantastic connections in the theatre industry both regionally and in London. This has led to the production of several interview features with performers and creatives which are proving to be incredibly popular, informative and insightful.

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This approach has seen the site grow beyond all expectations with us now invited to review all kinds of theatre across the Midlands, South East, and London. As a result of that growth, we now have five incredibly talented reviewers supporting our founder, Gemma Fincher, taking the Dress Circle Antics team to six and growing.

So, if you are looking for honest, comprehensive reviews, fun and exclusive interviews with your favourite theatre performers, news and competitions… Look no further than Dress Circle Antics. Your one-stop-shop for all thing’s theatre.

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Gemma Fincher - Editor

Gemma has been a professional Technical Writer and Bid Manager for 14 years. Having always been a passionate and committed fan of theatre, regularly attending a variety of productions, it wasn’t until 2017 that she decided to try her hand at reviewing. After receiving positive feedback from friends and family, she decided to set up her own blog – Dress Circle Antics. Gemma believes that theatre is one of the most inclusive forms of art and that it can bring joy to even the harshest of critics. In publishing her thoughts and reviews she hopes to encourage more people to attend their local theatre and support the arts.

Alexia Anderson - Reviewer: Buckinghamshire & London

An avid theatre fan, Alexia is currently teaching music at an international school as well as being an incredibly talented vocal coach. She has a background in television and corporate affairs where she honed her writing and communications experience during her time as a Sky Academy Executive. Alexia is also a member of the British Psychological Society as a qualified specialist assessor in education. She is passionate about musical theatre and introducing young people to the joy it can bring.

Amanda Reynolds – Reviewer: Kent & London

Amanda is a teacher by day and theatre reviewer/fan by evening! There is just something in theatre that gives her a buzz and makes her lose herself. The more shows she sees, the more she wants to talk about them and share her experiences with others. It is extremely hard to see a show and not compare it to others, not to mentally review it in your head, memorise bits that you love and criticise the parts you don’t. Amanda firmly believes that theatre is for everyone, that all opinions are valid and that theatre itself is inclusive and, when it is done right, allows for the perfect escapism.

Leyla Demirel – Reviewer: London

Leyla is a 22-year-old student nurse who one day wishes to be on the stage. She adores anything theatrical and has a particular interest and passion for the world of immersive theatre. When she is not at the theatre, she can be found with her nose in a book. Leyla has also previously tried her hand at making YouTube videos and blogging and writing is something she is incredibly passionate about. Reviewing for Dress Circle Antics has allowed Leyla to turn her passion into helping produce informative and interesting reviews in the hope that it encourages readers to head to the theatre.

Sam Dunning – Reviewer: Buckinghamshire

Sam fell in love with theatre as a young boy, and still feels just as passionately about it now. He spends most of his time on a stage or in front of a camera and has been working as a performer for over a decade, splitting his time between acting, singing, modelling and voice-over work; but as well as that he is lucky enough to have the opportunity (every now and then!) to go and watch other performers doing what they love, and to be able to pass on his views and experiences of them. Musical theatre will always be Sam’s first love, but he enjoys all kinds of performance, from plays and comedy to magic and dance.

Sophie Mills – Reviewer: West Midlands

Sophie has been a keen theatregoer for her entire life, and it became the perfect escape from the 9-5 grind after graduating from university. When she’s not at the theatre, Sophie can often be found exploring the Midlands or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.